Be Kind. Do Good.

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Counties here in the metro Atlanta, Georgia are reporting record high advanced voting turnout. These trends seem to also have a national correlation as well. Meaning several states are reporting this same information.

Happening simultaneously is a series of bombs that have been sent to Democratic Party Leaders or outspoken advocates. In the midst of all of this and a large amount of other reasons, the tone of the country is one of division and we are experiencing a unifying leadership gap. This observation isn't about political party affiliation and party control. It is about something much bigger than that. What is happening now is a search for the moral compass that should guide our country. It is MIA.

Social media has done wonders for bringing people together. Sort of like how I am talking to you right now from the comfort of my home with my feet kicked up and a glass of wine to my right. However, what has also happened is that people have access to information at warp speed; accurate or false, but still information. This fast paced and open access to humans across the globe also creates a sense of perceived power that emboldens a lot of us to say and do things we would never do in real life to one another. It is out of control and extremely overwhelming for most.

Do not fret! All is not quite lost. There is something you can do, even when it seems like the opposite is true. Of course exercise your right to vote, but that is one step. The other, and for me, very critical for managing your own mental health wellness is to counter this negative draining energy by.........wait for it.......

Be kind and do good.

Before you boo me off the stage, hear me out. I often leave the Internet feeling defeated by all the tribalism, mean girls on steroids (except it is more like "mean people") that I'm soo energized about voting or posting a comment (or several) that my good vibes are sucked out of me or I am simply exhausted. So what I do is leave the house and interact with real humans and look for opportunities to be kind and do good.

1. I spend a little extra time in my local grocery store and ask the employees in the deli how has their day been.....I say "thank you", "yes ma'm"... and wish them a great rest of their shift. AND if they cut my deli turkey exactly the way I want (not to thin not to thick), I tell them they are the best humans walking the earth. And I mean every word of it!

2. No matter how much I am rushing to a meeting, when on the elevator, I say "hello" when I don't feel like it, but I always feel a bit better after I do. If I see someone is rushing to catch the elevator, I risk my right arm to hault the doors from closing. I enjoy the look of gratitude and relief when that person realizes they WILL make the elevator.

3. When I see a senior citizen struggle with anything, I ask if I can help. If they insist they are good, I am still pleased that I offered and in awe of their bad-azz-ness.

4. When driving, if I am in the slow lane and someone is merging.....I make it a point to slow down and assist them in the merging process. On this same note, if someone let's me over in traffic, I always blow my horn and wave at them from the window. I want them to see I am thankful. (Disclosure: I also use the same car horn when I am unhappy about how someone else is not "nice" out here in these Atlanta streets). 🤷‍♀️

5. When someone is in line in front of me at Kroger (grocery store) and they don't have a 'Kroger Plus Card', I gladly offer up mine. (Disclaimer: It makes me equally as happy because I am gonna get some more points....but still........don't get stuck there).

Those are five things I do frequently in order to be kindER and do good in my neighborhood. Find your five things you can do each day. No, it will not change the tenor or the tone OR the division in our country right now, but it WILL make you feel a little better - a little piece at a time. It will help you/us connect to humans and remember underneath it all and inspite of the rhetoric and shit talking with keyboard bullies, it will, for a moment remind you that we are more alike than we are different. It will remind you that humans thrive when there is a feeling of connectedness. It will be good for your mental health WELLness. And you might change someone's perceptions or perspective one kind act at a time.

P.S. - This was soooo not my planned blog entry....but sometimes I just have to go where my gut guides me; and it led me HERE. 😉🤗

P.P.S - Go vote and vote early. Do your part!

P.P.P.S - Sharing this blog will count as doing good. Just saying........

P.P.P.P.S - If you can't leave the house, watching repeats of any of the following pretty much works the same: "Three's Company, Sanford & Son, Martin, The Jeffersons, Friends, Everybody Hates Chris and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

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