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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

One of the lessons in my upcoming book and in my current women in leadership workshop lessons is, "you never know what's awaiting for you around the corner."2018 has taught me that lesson in an abrupt, in your face, frank kind of way. Sometimes what's around the corner is wonderful. It is a pleasant surprise or a series of surprises that you literally never saw coming. I often use the example of my husband when I talk about this in a workshop, but truth is there are quite a few positives when I look back over my life.

1. Before I actually had a child of my own, I never did anything to indicate I'd be a natural mom. Never changed a diaper, properly burped a baby, nor understood that baby boys peed in your face during changings for sport. I mastered that like a boss.

2. I gained step children. But more noteworthy, I gained step daughters. Who have taught me love is is kind. And lawd being a boy mama does nothing to prep you for being a bonus mom for young adult women. But I have loved each moment. And love them.

3. I've learned people you love the most, get sick. Really sick. You see a level of resiliancy and strength that is hard to describe until you see it up close and personal.

4. I've learned that we get complacent in our careers. We forget that we have many skill sets and that your future is distinguished from average vs great people because they understand how to tap into those other gifts. I don't know what's around the corner but I am ready.

I share these thoughts with you because not knowing what's around the corner helps you prep for whatever there is to come. It makes you braver, stronger, free, and open to all possibilities. It makes you take the leap, love hard every day.....not just on holidays....and makes you SAVOR the moments of your life. After all, this is not a dress rehearsal. It is not a drill. It is life.

So as you and I prepare for 2019 let's remember, "we don't know what's around the corner, so let's live in the now". Let's be present with our real life family and friends. It may be a bleasing on the way or a disaster...either way learning to appreciate the now is all we can do to live our best lives and control what we can.


Disclaimer: your xmas gift to me is that you can proofread this own your own. I am out of energy to write it and proofread. Ya'll will figure it out....😂😂😂😎❤

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