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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I have been devoting most of my writing time to my book! This has cut into my blogging space. However, today I was inspired and took a break from the book writing to drop this blog.

I am ecstatic that Senator Kamala Harris is running for the Democratic Nomination for the President of the United States of America! See below for more information on her announcement.

I am not as interested in using this platform for debating which of the ever growing candidates "should be President" or should win the Democratic nomination. I am interested that a woman of color is stepping up and willing to lead in a time where true leadership gaps exist. I am very purposeful in being transparent about one of my missions, which is to empower women around the world to LEAD. It takes guts, courage, perseverance, intelligence, and an armor of steel to step into politics as a woman, but even MORE so as a minority woman. The announcement by Senator Harris is a VERY big deal. Regardless if you support her bid for the Presidecy or not the power of her decision is notable by any standard.

It has only been a few hours since her official announcement and already the trolls have come out in force. I have seen the following themes:

1. Attacks on her ability to hold elected office (although she has done just that).

2. Questions raised about who she has slept with and if this is perhaps how she has become successful.

3. Outright racists comments by people that are emboldened to express such sentiment in the current environment we live in (and the courage the keyboard allows).

4. Questioning of her credentials.

5. People saying a woman can't win so basically why try...…………. (pause while I look for something to throw across the room)!

My moment of pure joy was quickly tainted by the negativity I absorbed from reading the social media comments about her announcement. That only lasted a few minutes. Thank God.

I can't control any of that mess. Instead I choose to celebrate this moment Senator Harris has brought to us by embracing the boldness and audacity of stepping up to take a seat at the table for women of color. I choose to honor the collective whisper of our ancestors that have emboldened and empowered us for decades and centuries. I choose to embrace the strength of our black women ancestors who were raped, berated, beaten, broken down and made to believe they were the least valued humans. It is their DNA from which I was created and for which has empowered me. I choose to celebrate a heritage, on this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Holiday, that allows someone like Senator Kamala Harris to say, I can and I will do more. I choose to thank her for daring to say, I am running for the President of the United States of America.

She will have tough days ahead for sure. I hope she is strengthened by the collective energy of every woman leader that has come before her that paved a path for her to step up at this exact moment. Unapologetic courage, resiliency, confidence, intelligence, boldness, and ambition are all things that she embodies. It will be these same attributes that naysayers will use against her, as these attributes sometimes look different to the general population on a black woman. The significance of this moment, right now, at this time is not about the outcome. It doesn't matter as much if she wins the Presidency that deserves a moment of reflection. It is the fact that she said, if not me than who? She took the leap. The power of this is incredible. If you can't see why this moment is soo significant, just stay tuned.

You can debate the politics of this announcement and decide about if her platform is for you or not. I am not here for that. Not today anyway.

Today, I want to thank Senator Kamala Harris for this lesson on leadership. I want to honor this powerful moment and the message it sends to little brown and black girls across this country: You ARE a force to be reckoned with. You ARE powerful. You are Phenomenal. You are Extraordinary. Yes ma'am I am here for all of this!

Good Luck Senator Kamala Harris!

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